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7th Sector Review

Is 7th Sector worth buying?

The 7th Sector is a smaller indie game; set in a mysterious cyberpunk world. The gameplay is very much built around navigating linear paths while solving different puzzles to progress in the game.

The story is very interesting and from the get-go, you are given no information on the character you are playing or what your objective even is. The story follows a very untraditional approach in the sense that the story is only told by what you see, hear and do. I very much enjoyed this game’s take on its environmental storytelling. But with that said, some gamers might prefer the more traditional storytelling with character dialog and so on.

As I said before the gameplay of this game stems heavily on solving puzzles. And from my experience with this genre of games, these puzzles range from easy to quite a few very difficult ones, with multiple segments to them.

It should also be known going into this game that calculating numbers to solve certain puzzles and gain specific collectibles is also a thing. So if you are a gamer who despises puzzles or doing math, well you have been warned.

When starting the game you are also given very little instructions on how the game is played. So for me, it took a few minutes to wrap my head around the controls as well as what I was supposed to actually do.

Video Review from author.

The controls of this game span from being average at best to terrible at worst. There is a stage in the game where you must travel across a level while shooting enemies. In most game’s with solid controls, I don’t believe this stage would be very hard. But as the controls for aiming are so rough it became very frustrating very quickly.

But one thing this game does very well that I think some developers should do more often is the implementation of new features or gameplay elements throughout the game. As you start the game you are just a spark in a wire trying to navigate from where you are. But as you progress in the game you start to take control of different robots with unique play styles. I always love gameplay element like this as it helps keep the game fresh and less repetitive.

During my playthrough, I did notice some minor bugs and glitches. The two more notable was an area where I fell off the map by another in-game object running into me. And a weird graphical bug the showed black bars where water should have been coming out of a pipe.


All in all this is a relatively short game. Where most gamers should expect to get 6-10 hours of gameplay. And with this game offering multiple endings as well as the decent price of 19.99 USD. I believe the value is definitely here with this title.


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