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Bee Simulator Review

Is Bee Simulator Worth Buying?

Simulation games have always had a bit of a following. But in the last few years, we have seen rapid growth in the simulation genre. Especially on consoles. Because of this, when I heard there was a Bee Simulator I had to play and review it.

As you would imagine, in this game you fly around as a bee. Collecting pollen for your hive to make honey. But this game does expand and somewhat depart in ways of what a true simulator would. In the sense of there being a back story to what is happening around you. And the storyline of a power struggle between your hive and other insects out in the world. Because of this narrative, this game sort of caught me off guard as simulators do not usually have a real story to them.

But anyways the main drawl to this game for many is going to be the gameplay. And what I can say is that the game is somewhat simplistic. You take on the role of a newly hatched bee and go out into an open world environment to collect pollen. The flight controls are very easy to learn, but take a bit of time to get used to. One complaint I do have for this game is the game camera is sometimes a bit slow to follow your character. The screen can also get a bit finicky when you are landing on objects in the world.

But for what it is I found it very enjoyable to fly around the map collecting the different types of pollen. As well as the main story the game also offers plenty of additional content. Side quests consist of helping other animals and fellow bees in the world. For instance, you might encounter a mother squirrel who has too many babies and asks you to collect nuts to help feed her children. Other in-game challenges consist of racing other bees, fighting enemies in a turn base rhythm mini-game, dancing with another bee to learn the location of special flowers and more.

But even with all this content. This game is very repetitive. But for some reason, I could not stop playing and found the repetitiveness somewhat enjoyable. But this is definitely just my personal taste.


In closing, this is a relatively simplistic game by nature. The difficulty is really not all that hard. This game is also relatively educational about bees. Because of this, I feel that this game would be perfect for younger kids as well as adults.


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