We here at Constant Gamer would like to thank all of you for being a part of our community, trusting us for your gaming content. From day one, community interaction and engagement have been critically important to us. We want to build a community that is both understanding and positive. All too often, we see organizations built on misinformation, tribalism, or negativity. Our hope with Constant Gamer is to create a community of well-informed, positive, and welcoming gamers. This community page is only the start toward that dream. We wish for this section of the site to be fun and welcoming to all.

Somethings you can expect to see from this section within the next few months are:

  • Community Spotlight: This section will highlight some amazing people and content creators in our community. We will shed light on what makes them unique and how they are making positive changes in and outside gaming.
  • Quizzes: All of us love playing our games, but rarely are we ever tested on our immense gaming knowledge. Time for that to change!!! Gaming quizzes are coming up, be sure to study all materials.
  • Community Game Night: These will be organized monthly/weekly events where we will come together and play popular online games together.

Have an awesome idea for our community outreach? Click here and tell us.