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How to Get Drinkable Water in Straned Deep Console Version

So in Stranded Deep, drinkable water is one of those vital resources that you undoubtedly now know you need. When you start the game, the easiest way to get water is by collecting coconuts. You get these coconuts from the top of palm trees. And these work great in a pinch. But if you consume too many of them, specifically more than 3. You will get diarrhea and become dehydrated.

Not to add that coconuts respawn extremely slowly on palm trees, so once you run out, you’re out.

Today I will be showing you a better way to gain drinkable water by using a water still.

What we are going to need to build this is:

  • Three rocks
  • One palm frond that you can get from harvesting palm treetops.
  • One Tarp, which you can find on different islands, they are usually on the beach.
  • One lashing which you can craft with fibrous leaves you get off of Yucca plants.
  • One coconut flask which you can craft in the consumable crafting section for one lashing and one unopened coconut.
Video Walkthrough from Trevor Burrows.

Once you have all the materials, go to your crafting section and craft the water still. Once crafted, go ahead and place it where ever you want. Now to get the water still to work, you will need to put either palm fronds or fibrous leaves in it as fuel. And after a short time, you will have clean drinkable water. This water still will also collect water when it rains, but it doesn’t rain often enough for this to be a reliable source of water.

Additionally, you can manage with only having one water still, but it is probably best for you to build two as soon as you can. And to store water, be sure to craft additional coconut flasks, leather water sacks, or clay flasks.


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