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“Is There Anyone Out There?” AC: Valhalla Achievement Guide

Welcome to this guide on how to unlock the “Is There Anyone Out There?” Assassins Creed: Valhalla achievement or trophy. This guide will work for Xbox and PlayStation players. Unlocking this achievement requires the player to light all unlit braziers on Hadrian’s wall.

For those who have no idea where Hadrian’s wall is, it is in the most northern part of the map and spans from Magnis fortress straight east until you reach the sea. But from Magnis fortress all the way to Brunton Turret, all of the braziers are already lit. To save time, just travel to Brunton Turret, light the braziers there, and continue east down Hadrian’s wall, lighting all braziers you come across.

To light these braziers, you will need to press down on the D-pad select and throw the touch at the brazier. Some of the braziers will be on top of ruined towers. A tip for lighting these without climbing the tower is to drop a torch and use it to light your arrow, then shoot the brazier.

You can miss some of the braziers if you’re not careful, so I recommend watching our video guide to ensure you don’t miss any braziers.

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