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It Takes Two Review

It Takes Two is a COOP action-adventure platformer created by Hazelight Studios and directed by Josef “F— The Oscars” Fares. It Takes Two puts you and a friend in the clay and yarn shoes of Cody and May, an estranged couple wanting to get a divorce. However, they’ve turned into dolls from a wish made by their daughter Rose. In the following story, they run into an overzealous book named Dr. Hakim. On their journey to turn back to normal, they must follow his advice to fix their relationship or stay this way forever.

While having almost no surprises, the story allowed me to have fun by not focusing as much on it. Each level of the game tells its own unique mini-story that adds context to Cody and May’s marital issues while progressing the story in the background. The writing is fun, filled with various references but gets serious when it needs to. Cody and May play off each other well in the beginning but much better towards the end. However, there is one part of the game that I believe could have been removed altogether due to how dark it was.

The Most Innovative Co-op gameplay to date

it takes two review

I can’t tell you how many times I was blown away by how well the cooperative-focused gameplay is done. No level recycles mechanics, except for base character mobility. This left me excited for each level and their respective midway points to see what new stuff I could do. 

Feeling refreshed wasn’t limited to gameplay mechanics, though. The level designs helped in a big way! Each level had amazing attention to detail, excellent backdrops, and was easy to follow. My friend and I never felt lost going through any levels but took several detours for mini-games.

it takes two review

Each level presents puzzles that can only be solved by cooperating precisely with your partner. These puzzles aren’t difficult and change multiple times to keep you both on your toes. However, if you feel like it’s all story and puzzles, fret not. There are copious amounts of enemies and boss encounters that change as frequently as the puzzles in each level. The game dips its toes into different genres during specific levels. I can easily recall flying a fidget spinner, a street fighter encounter, and a Diablo-like level.

A technically flawless and visually smooth experience

The cherry on top of this refreshing and fun experience is its flawless performance. I played on Xbox Series X and my friend on the original Xbox One. We both had consistent sixty frames per second, speedy load times, no crashes, and no texture pop in. So do not be afraid to play this on last-generation consoles.

In Conclusion

It takes two is a fantastic 8-10 hour experience that always offers new gameplay variety and a fun but serious story. Truth be told, it’s the most next-gen game I’ve experienced in the last six months, though it is playable on the previous generation systems. The game’s design allowed the near seventy employees of Hazelight Studios to create a masterpiece. Everyone at Hazelight Studios should be proud of the work they did here.

It Takes Two is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Steam for $39.99. If you have EA Play, you can get it for 10% off on Xbox and Origin. If you own the game, a friend online can download the “Friends Pass” version to play through the entire game with you for free. Friends Pass players cannot earn achievements, however.

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It Takes Two

An Excellent Co-op game that never has a dull moment and a story that can be enjoyed by all.



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    Chrispy Rambo
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    Can’t wait to play this with my daughter!😁

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