Review Guidelines

Below are our review guidelines. These are a detailed outline of how all of our writers create game and product reviews.

What is a Review?

Reviews are a medium that informs an audience of a product or service’s merits and faults. A good review should be critical and have a mixture of both subjective and objective reasoning.

Game Review Score System:

Story (if applicable):

Is the story well-made and executed, or are there plot holes? Are the characters fleshed out well? Does the setting for the game add to the experience?


Do the gameplay elements in this game work as intended?


Do the graphics, animations, sound effects, and voice acting add to this game or take away?

Multiplayer (if applicable):

How well does the online functionality work?


Is enough value being delivered based on the price paid for this game?

Hardware Review Score System:


How well does the product complete its intended task(s)?


Does the product improve from previous iterations and/or its competitor’s new products?


Is enough value being delivered based on the price paid for this product?

*Each metric in all scoring systems can earn 0-10 points. The overall score will be calculated using all the points from each metric.


Game ReviewHardware Review
Story: 6Functionality: 7
Gameplay: 7Innovation: 8
Audio/Visual: 3Value: 6
Value: 6Total: 7
Total: 5.5 

What Each Score Means

Constant Gamer puts pride in being open and honest with our readers. Below you will find what each review score means. On a typical scale, a 5/10 would mean average, and most games should fall into this area. However, with most consumers considering anything under a 7 as a bad game, we have decided to adopt this shifted scale to meet our readers’ current expectations better.