Steve Downes, The Voice of Master Chief Interview

Steve Downes, the legendary voice actor know by most for his role as the iconic Master chief character in the Halo video games, was recently interviewed by our partner, 4GQTV. In this interview, Downes talks about Halo Infinite, his thoughts about the Halo TV series, his experience working with both Bungie and 343, and much more. 

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

One of the starting questions to this interview was Downes’ thoughts on Halo Infinite. To which Downes stated, “I think you’re going to love the storyline, but I can’t really reveal anything in that regard.” Downes does, however, say that he loves the plot direction, and he doesn’t think the fan will be disappointed. 

Downs also mentions the delay for Halo Infinite and says, “I think they made the best use of that time to bring the game to where the fans expect it, and I can’t wait for it to come out and everyone to see it.”

343 VS Bungie

Later in this interview, Downes is asked his thoughts on the differences in culture working with both Bungie and 343 Industries. While speaking about Bungie, he stated, “If it wasn’t for Bungie – we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I own them everything in terms of my involvement in Halo.” On the back end of this question, Downes talks about how 343 are “much more inclusive,” allowing the voice actors more involvement with the game’s ongoing production. He explains how he was given the lines and performed them during the first three games’ production. Whereas starting with Halo 4, he was allowed to talk more with the writers and developers, see early visuals, and record in the same room with other actors. Downes goes on to say that these changes were “Such a valuable help” towards his performance. 

Halo TV Series

Halo TV Series

Downes is later asked if he is involved with the Paramount Plus Halo TV series. Downes replies, “I am not at all involved with the Halo TV series. It’s common knowledge that Jen Taylor is, she will be Cortana. – Jen doesn’t trust me as far as she can throw me, so she doesn’t tell me anything. – And probably that is well-founded.” He continues saying, “I know she (Jen Taylor) has been very excited, and she is still working on it. – I really don’t know a lot, other than what’s out there publicly. But I do know they have been having a lot of fun working on it, and I can’t wait to see it.” 

But Wait, There’s More

Above is only the tip of the iceberg for this interview with Steve Downes. To hear more of Downes’ thoughts on Halo Infinite, Doom Slayer versus Master Chief, Joseph Staten coming back to 343, and much more, check out the full interview down below.

Video Credit: 4GQTV 2021

Charity Work

During the closing of this interview, Downes talks about his charity work and mentions that all proceeds from his Cameo account orders will go to Limbitless Solutions for the month of March.

Link to order: Cameo – Steve Downes

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