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Stranded Deep Review

Should you Buy Stranded Deep?

After a mysterious plane crash, you find yourself cast out to sea with nothing but a raft and few supplies. You must survive by gathering resources, hunting for food, building shelter, and scavaging shipwrecks and other islands.

Similar to other games in this genre like Subnautica and The Long Dark, most of the gameplay is you going around gathering materials, crafting items, finding food, and exploring. And as a game in the survival genre, this where stranded deep shines—giving players a constant threat of death.

One day you might feel completely comfortable and the next you discover you have depleted your entire stash of coconuts on the island. Because of this you now must venture out into shark ridden waters to find more. Naturally, some players might find this game boring or tedious. As it does not offer fast pace action and twitchy shooting mechanics. But for those who have ever daydreamed about surviving on a deserted island, you should find a lot of pleasure in this game.

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The controls are a bit stiff using a controller, and it does take some time to get used to the button layout. But all in all Fun Labs has done a good job porting their game over to the console. However, the loading screens can get a bit lengthy when launching the game.

This game also carries with it more of a simulation feel than other games like Subnautica. For example, as you play your character can get sunburnt and overheat from being out in the elements too long. Because of this, you as the player must manage by finding aloe, having your character rest, or take a swim. I found none of these simulation elements in the game to be overly realistic. And even though they can be a burden sometimes, these elements do a great job of reminding the player of the constant threat around them.


Overall Stranded Deep is an enjoyable game that offers a decently bit of challenge to the player. And with it coming in at 19.99 USD, I think it offers a lot of value and replayability. Because of its lack of deep storytelling and high pace action this game is not going to hit the marks for all gamers. But if you are a fan of the survival genre or just like the idea of trying to survive on a deserted island then this might be the game for you.

As I do with all of my reviews I will not be leaving you with a score for this game. Rather I will let you decide the worth of this game for yourself. I just hope I was able to help you decide whether or not Stranded Deep is a game for you.


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