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The Complex Review

The Complex isn’t just another run of the mill game. It’s also most likely a type of game you have never played before unless you are familiar with Wale interactive’s previous work. What sets this game apart from all the other types of games we see released each year is that it is a mix of watching a movie, while also playing a game.

What is The Complex?

The Complex takes place after a bio-weapon incident in London. Two scientists find themselves locked down in a highly secured lab, but time and air are running out. You must uncover what is happening before you everyone is dead.

As I said before, this game is like watching a movie while also playing a game. As the cinematics play every couple of minutes, you are given multiple options for how you want the characters to proceed. Think of watching a movie, but you get to chose what the characters do and say at critical moments. Because of this, there are multiple options for where the story might go and up to nine different endings.

One exciting gameplay element that isn’t new for Wales Interactive, but is unique to this format of FMV games is the relationship system. As you play, you will interact with characters and make life or death decisions. All of these interactions are being cataloged and will impact future interactions with characters.

The acting surprisingly good, but nothing to rival a huge Hollywood blockbuster. The cinematography is done very well with many different camera angles, and the special effects are pretty solid as well.

The story is rich and engaging with a few twists and turns as you uncover what has happened and some pretty comedic parts that had me smiling as well. Most players could also expect to take an hour and fifteen minutes to complete this game.

The Complex Video Review

Video review from Zemi Games.

Should You Buy?

Overall I have to say that I believe Wales Interactive has knocked it out of the park again. That is if these types of games are your thing. There isn’t a ton of gameplay, and for that reason, many gamers might get a bit restless. But if you enjoy unique takes on storytelling, love Sci-fi, and think “watching a movie while choosing what happens sounds cool.” Then you might want to check out The Complex as it will only cost you 12.99 USD, and with nine possible endings, it adds quite a bit to replayability.

Anyway, I hope I was able to help you decided on whether or not The Complex is the game for you. Feel free to comment down below with any questions you might have about this game, or what you thought if you have already played it.


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