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The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC Review

Murder on Eridanos is the second and final DLC of The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment. In this DLC, you will have to travel to the planet Eridanos after being hired to investigate the mysterious murder of a serialized TV show host and spokeswoman of a liquor company Halcyon Helen. However, as you investigate, you will notice all of your suspects are just as suspicious as the always smiling enemies. This leads to a thrilling adventure with several twists and an ending confrontation I didn’t see coming.

The writing for the story, characters, and NPCs feature the standard satirical parody found throughout the main game. There’s also commentary on how people turn a tragic death of a celebrity into whatever they want it to be. Whether that be a publicity stunt, gossip from inhabitants, or what heartache from a past love looks like, all of this culminates in a similar eerie cliche murder mysteries, until the twists. However, all of this kept me intrigued in the short story that follows.

Investigating with a sassy sidekick

The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos DLC Review

After arriving and meeting with some of the recurring cast, you are given the Discrepancy Amplifier’s investigative tool. This talking scanner is able to see time discrepancies around crime scenes, making it perfect for the investigation. It’s able to talk to you and give you info about these scenes; however, this becomes repetitive. The “beep beep beep” it gives off when following a trail could’ve been cut down a lot. However, it did bring me some joy to meet with a diverse cast of characters that kept me guessing who could’ve done the murder throughout the entire story. The interactions ranged from very funny to very interesting depending on how involved they were with Halcyon Helen. So make sure you exhaust your dialogue options and keep an eye out for clues even with the most endearing of characters.

A beautiful asteroid cluster to explore

The area you land on in Eridanos is massively diverse in its visual variety, and how each asteroid is connected to one another are laid out. In the center of the map lies a towering hotel that is insanely detailed inside and around the exterior of it. The employees of the hotel all look pretty goofy when you realize one sounds and looks like the adoring fan. Surrounding this hotel has a great level of detail, with colorful flora, sneaky fauna, and clusters of wasps. Exploring all the nooks and crannies filled with loot as you meet with familiar enemies you would find from other planets. This does seem to be akin to recycling enemies but it kept me from feeling bored. From a drained pool to a hedge maze to get lost in, you will appreciate the variety of exploring Eridanos.

Technical Problems in a mostly polished game

Outside of the story and looking for loot, I noticed a lot of technical issues playing this DLC. I was playing on the Series X and found weird issues I didn’t see in the base game. There were texture and shadow pop in. I almost got stuck in crevices numerous times and got detected in stealth even when I was out of sight. I didn’t experience any crashes, and the issues listed above I only noticed after I started exploring post story. This was sad to me because I was really enjoying looking for color-coded liquor bottles to unlock a secret weapon.

In Conclusion

Overall, Murder on Eridanos was an excellent send-off DLC for The Outer Worlds. I really enjoyed Peril on Gorgon, but not as much as Murder on Eridanos. The subtle messages in each DLC and the main game will keep these in my memory and too long for more playthroughs in the future. But do I recommend the DLC? Yes, if you have the expansion pass, though. I do not recommend buying this standalone because it feels like you don’t get as much unless you have Peril on Gorgon too.

Murder on Eridanos is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Steam, The Epic games store with a later release on Nintendo Switch.

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Murder on Eridanos Review

A Wonderful Send-off DLC for The Outer Worlds, that is only worth it if you have the expansion pass.



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