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The Ultimate Elder Scrolls Quiz

Elder Scrolls is a beautiful and immense franchise with tons of lore for fans to soak up. We scoured the lands of Tamriel and even visited some Oblivion plains to come up with these questions. Now let’s see where you rank as an Elder Scrolls fan! It’s now time to test your knowledge and play the ultimate Elder Scrolls Quiz.


The Ultimate Elder Scrolls Quiz

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What planet does the Elder Scrolls take place on primarily?

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If a Redguard is man, and a Wood Elf is Mer, what the heck is an Orc?

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What game was M’aiq the Liar first introduced?

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What item in Arena was Jagar Tharn seeking?

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Which character in Oblivion was a vampire?

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What event has ended the adventuring of many a Skyrim guard?

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Where is the most common place to find Nirnroot?

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Which Daedric Prince is the “Bringer of Disease and Pestilence”?

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Which of the nine divines is is the God of mercy, justice, charity, luck and righteous rule by might and merciful forbearance?

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Which of the following is the first Elder Scrolls game?

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Quiz Rankings

0-3 Correct: Dragon Feed
3-5 Correct: Sheogorath’s New Pet
5-7 Correct: Mud Crab Trainer
8 + Correct: Sweet Roll Enchanter


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    Chrispy Rambo
    Jan 12, 2021 7:16 am

    😂🤣 There was to much for me to remember! 😁

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