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Whatifi: New Interactive Movie App

An App for Interactive Movie Lovers

Recently a new mobile app reached out to sponsor some Constant Gamer content. I get plenty of emails like this from businesses, and I rarely let them sponsor content. But this application is different, I absolutely love what they are doing, so I agree to have them sponsor this video.   

This application I am talking about is a new interactive storytelling app called Whatifi, and you can download it right now on google play and the app store on IOS devices. 

Over the years, I have played multiple interactive movies or FMV’s, and I love this genre. If you don’t know what an interactive story is, imagine watching a movie, but at every critical decision, you can make different choices that result in different plots, characters, and endings. Basically, it’s a movie where you choose what happens. 

What’s more, Whatifi allows users who sign up the ability to create their own interactive short stories. I have been playing around with this feature for the last week, and it reminds me of a more gamified TikTok on steroids. 

Whatifi also funds the development of premium interactive stories on the application. Any user can currently film, create, and propose a one-decision trailer to be transformed into a longer short film on Whatifi, with funding of 5000 dollars if approved. 

And if watching hours of interactive content, where you choose what happens isn’t enough for you can also invite friends to watch with you and vote for what everyone wants to happen during each interactive movie on Whatifi.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I won’t just allow anyone to sponsor a blog post. But I love interactive films, and I love what Whatifi is doing with the genre. 

If you would like to check out this app, you can do so right now for free, with no risk at all. If you don’t like the app, uninstall it. But if you are like me and you love interactive content. I think Whatifi might become your new favorite mobile app to binge on. 

This blog post was paid for by Whatifi. 


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