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Xbox Wireless Headset Review

Xbox Wireless Headset

When openly discussing Xbox peripheral’s, more often than not, the gaming community has a strong opinion on the quality of the controllers that we have been using for the past eight years. Since the Xbox One launch, we’ve seen small but important changes that have made a big difference to our daily gaming lives.

Ground-breaking achievements have come from the Xbox Elite Series Controllers and 2018’s industry-changing Adaptive Controller that allowed gamers with disabilities to game like everyone else. And now, with the newly released Xbox Wireless Headset, I think they’ve done it again. 

After 15+ hours of nonstop gameplay across titles like Marvel’s Avengers, Titanfall 2, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Outer World’s, Doom Eternal, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, I have a lot to say on the sound quality, design, ease of use, out of box presentation and how comfortable they are on both your ears.

Comfort Meets Power that Lasts

As someone who Podcasts four times a week, comfort is king, and wearing headphones that won’t make your ears sweat is key. Also, wearing a headset that is too heavy is uncomfortable and bothersome, taking me right out of the game. The Xbox Wireless headset has weight to them that screams quality but never felt heavy or awkward in any way. They sit atop of your head with ease. In many instances, I forgot I was wearing them.

Now on to setting it up to my Xbox Series X/S. It was a snap. I turned on the headset with the green button, held both the power button on the headset and connect button on the console; seconds later, the on-screen prompt popped up, telling me my headset was connected. The white light indicator on the mic and by the power button tells you that it is on. This is helpful, so you don’t accidentally leave them on. There’s nothing worse than trying to play a multiplayer game with friends and realizing your battery is dead.

Xbox Wireless Headset Back
Image Credit: Xbox, 2021

Speaking of Battery Life, so far, they seem to hold a charge, and considering I’ve been putting the Xbox Wireless Headset through its paces, I’ve only charged my headset once with well over 15+ hours of play.

On the headset’s right side are the USB-C charging port and the volume controls. On the left side is the Power Button that is spring-loaded for turning the device on and off. You can also make on-the-fly adjustments to raise or lower the Game Sound and Chat with friends using a dial; there is also a handy mute button located directly on the microphone.

Sound Quality

The Sound Quality is nothing short of amazing and feels like a $200+ wireless headset. The music and gameplay are clear and precise. I felt like I was experiencing older games like Titanfall 2 for the first time. Having owned Turtle Beach A50’s, I can assure you that you will be incredibly impressed with the sound coming out of this $99 Xbox Wireless Headset.   

The Bass is strong and can be adjusted to your liking via the Settings App. The EQ controls for your headset will also be there. Personal preference is going to be key and different for everyone. Take your time and use what suits your gameplay style best.

Xbox Wireless Headset Settings
Image Credit: Xbox, 2021

Background Sound is something that usually goes unnoticed in gaming. It’s unfortunate that hearing the wind blow papers around, footsteps in the distance or incredible music scores are missed by so many. When using the Xbox Wireless Headset, all of those overlooked sounds become a welcomed change to standard audio. I found myself listening to the score of Titanfall 2’s title screen more than I would like to admit.

The Sound Formats here are impressive, and you have a choice of four: Stereo Uncompressed, Window’s Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone X. (Personally, I use the Dolby Atmos option.) Audiophiles of every level of experience will find something to enjoy here, even if you already own a more expensive headset. It is easy to suggest that the Xbox Wireless Headset could become your first choice moving forward.


Not only is the $99 price of entry a welcomed achievement in a space that is loaded with ranges that go from Cheap to very Expensive. The Xbox Wireless Headset easily and confidently punches well above its weight class. Everything expected in a $200+ headset is here on display. With sturdy quality, great sound with adjustable mic settings, ease of use, and a dependable battery that charges fast, I give the Xbox wireless headset a “Highly Recommended” Mr BoomStick XL seal of approval. 

I’m sure that some gamers will find better sound options in other gaming headsets, though I can say with complete confidence, you will NOT be paying $99.

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Xbox Wireless Headset Review

The Xbox wireless headset is the next step in peripheral excellence!



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    Antonio ( Matamune Neko ) Alves
    Mar 25, 2021 12:08 pm

    Great review! As a notncasual gamer, having 15+ hours of battery is pretty convenient. My only doubt is: How much time to charge from 0% to 100%? And there are cables with the Headset to charge?

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